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Preparing for a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Preparing for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

An injury can be life-altering. Serious injuries can force people to change the way they live and can prevent them from engaging in activities they used to enjoy. When a serious injury occurs due to the negligent behavior of another person, the injured party can seek ...

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  • Tips for Biking Safely

    Biking on city streets with heavy traffic increases the chances of being involved in an accident. However, there are some safety tips that bikers can ...

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  • Who Is at Fault in an Accident Between a Pedestrian and Commercial Truck?

    Determining fault in a truck accident can be difficult, especially if there were no witnesses or security cameras to document what happened. This ...

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  • Can the Injured Party Be at Fault for a Dog Bite?

    Sometimes people approach dogs they don’t know because they’re cute or because they simply love dogs. This ends up with a quick pet much of the time, ...

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  • Can Legitimate Claims Be Denied for Insurance Fraud?

    Insurance companies provide coverage for a host of different things, from your car to your house. However, for someone to benefit from their insurance ...

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  • Suing Someone for Sexual Assault

    If you’ve been the victim of sexual violence, you should take the matter to the police. Sexual assault crimes are serious felonies, and you attacker ...

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  • Can a Private Homeowner Be Held Liable for Injuries on Their Property?

    When people discuss personal injury lawsuits, they often talk about getting hurt on someone else’s property. Such lawsuits fall into the category of ...

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  • Challenges of Making a Dram Shop Liability Case

    Suing dram shops – bars, restaurants, and other establishments serving alcohol – isn’t unheard of in South Carolina. In 2020, a visiting New York ...

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  • Which Is More Dangerous, Drunk Driving or Fatigued Driving?

    There is much legal and cultural concern around drunk driving. Across the country, states have harsh DUI laws that are punishable by heavy fines and ...

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  • What Are the Grounds for a Burn Injury Lawsuit?

    Lawsuits can be filed for a variety of reasons. In legal speak, the basis for a lawsuit is called “grounds.” Grounds for a lawsuit range from ...

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