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The Role of Negligent Hiring in Truck Accident Cases
The Role of Negligent Hiring in Truck Accident Cases

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the main cause of commercial truck accidents is driver error or wrongful acts committed by the driver. Although trucker negligence is difficult to predict, in other situations, the trucking company that employed ...

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  • Truck Accidents Caused by Hours of Service Violations

    Since commercial truck drivers are required to travel long distances to meet their strict delivery deadlines, their job typically entails driving for ...

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  • Truck Accident Investigations

    Truck accidents are often far more complex than typical car-on-car collisions for many reasons. Investigating a truck crash usually requires the help ...

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  • Theories of Liability in Truck Accidents

    If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, you may have a right to pursue compensation and take legal action against the driver responsible for ...

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  • What is Failure to Maintain?

    Large commercial trucks can weigh up to 40 times more than a passenger vehicle, which easily makes trucks the most dangerous vehicle with which we ...

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  • Who is Responsible for a Truck Accident?

    When it comes to traffic accidents between two different consumer vehicles, sorting out who is responsible is a fairly straight-forward endeavor. In ...

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  • Trucking Accidents Are More Frequent In Rural Areas

    An accident involving a semi truck is more likely to occur in a rural area. This fact might seem counter intuitive, as one might think that a highly ...

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  • Federal "Hours of Service" Rules Designed to Combat Fatigued Truck Driving

    One of the most dangerous forms of truck driver impairment is driver fatigue. This fact is illuminated by the recent accident involving a Wal-Mart ...

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  • You should be aware, trucking accidents are on the rise!

    Statistics from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) have recently shown that commercial trucking accidents are on the rise leading to thousands ...

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