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How Do You Determine Liability for a Truck Accident in South Carolina?

When it comes to traffic accidents between two different consumer vehicles, sorting out who is responsible is often a fairly straight-forward endeavor. In some cases there may be extenuating circumstances but, most of the time, fault lies with one or more negligent drivers.

When a commercial truck accident occurs, injured parties often assume that fault similarly lies with the truck driver. While this may sometimes be the case, often times the circumstances are more complicated than that. The government understands what kind of risks large commercial vehicles pose on the road for other drivers, which is why the commercial trucking industry is heavily regulated.

It relies on a series of different parties all working together to ensure that a commercial rig is safe and that it is operated by a qualified driver. When this cooperation and vigilance does not happen, other motorists are put at risk-- and not just because of truck driver error.

The liable parties following a trucking accident can include:

  • The truck driver
  • The party that leased the truck (or trailer)
  • The manufacturer of the truck (or trailer)
  • The owner of the rig
  • The shipping company

Of course, it is not expected for a trucking accident injury victim to be an expert in trucking regulations or to even be certain what exactly caused their accident. Usually, there will be an investigation as to what precisely happened on the road, but, beyond that, it may be up to a capable Charleston trucking accident attorney to establish just how and why the dangerous conditions that caused the accident were present.

How Are Truck Accidents Investigated?

Truck accidents are often far more complex than typical car-on-car collisions for many reasons. Investigating a truck crash usually requires the help of experts, a thorough understanding of federal trucking laws, and more resources to comb through each piece of evidence in the crash involved in the collision.

To help victims understand the extent of a truck accident investigation and what it may entail, we discuss examples of evidence that attorneys look at when reviewing a case.

Truck accident investigations may involve the following:

  • Driving logs and records: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established mandatory limits on the amount of hours a truck driver can be on the road without breaks. This rule is supposed to cut down on the number of drivers who drive while fatigued or drowsy, which can cause deadly accidents.

  • Truck maintenance logs: By law, trucking companies are required to conduct regular maintenance on their vehicles. These inspections should check for potential defects, repairs, or any issues that could deem the vehicle unsafe to drive. If a company did not keep adequate maintenance records, they can be held liable for accidents.

  • Black box & GPS technology: A black box records information about a vehicle, including the speed, braking, and location. Analyzing this type of data can help attorneys evaluate a driver’s behavior and if it contributed to the accident.

  • Weather reports: Information about the weather at that time can play an important role in determining whether a driver was driving too fast given the weather conditions. If a driver was speeding during the rain or when it was foggy, this can point to evidence of negligence.

  • Driver employment records: Drivers must have the proper training and pass performance tests before beginning their jobs. If a company allowed a driver without adequate training on the roads, they can be held liable for injuries they cause.

  • Cargo data: Federal regulations place maximum cargo limits for a reason - overloaded or improperly loaded cargo can affect the maneuverability of a truck and make it unsafe to operate.

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