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Injuries from Workplace Machinery Defects

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If you suffered a serious injury on the job from a defective or poorly designed machine, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer, above and beyond the limited benefits of workers’ compensation. To find out more, get in touch with our law firm as soon as possible.

Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC represents workers throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties, who were maimed or killed by dangerous machinery.

We have represented victims of industrial machinery accidents who have suffered:

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Who Can I Talk to After a Work Injury?

Normally, you cannot sue for work-related injuries if your employer or co-workers were negligent. However, manufacturers, distributors, and servicers of workplace machines are liable for damages caused by bad engineering, failure of safety mechanisms, or failure to warn of foreseeable dangers from reasonable use.

Our Approach to Legal Action for Work Injury Victims

At Pierce | Sloan, we use engineering and manufacturing experts to show that machines involved in workplace accidents were inherently unsafe, lacked proper safety guards and warnings, continued to operate when safety mechanisms were disabled, or failed to shut off when emergency switches were pressed.

Our Charleston personal injury lawyers have settled cases involving presses, saws and cutters, conveyor belts, mixing tanks, and other dangerous machinery, as well as accidents involving defects in heavy equipment or worksite vehicles.

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Machinery accidents are often permanently disabling. Our firm pursues the full compensation that injured workers need to pay for their ongoing medical care and replace lost future earnings.

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