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Karl L. Baker, Jr.​

Karl L. Baker, Jr. is a highly skilled and versatile professional with a strong background in both science and law. He earned his B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in mathematics from Winthrop University, where he gained extensive knowledge in scientific principles and mathematical concepts. Karl also has experience in computer programming and data analysis, which has honed his analytical and problem-solving skills.

In 2020, Karl graduated from the Charleston School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. At his previous law firm, he gained valuable legal experience in medical malpractice defense and developed a deep understanding of the legal and ethical complexities involved in this field. With his unique combination of scientific and legal expertise, Karl brings a fresh perspective and innovative approach to his work.

Karl is also a veteran of the United States Army, having served from 2013 until 2017 before going to law school. In his free time, Karl enjoys hiking, reading, and exploring new places.

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