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Expert Witnesses That Often Help With Personal Injury Cases


Witness accounts are included as evidence in many legal proceedings, both criminal and civil. In civil court, such as when litigating a personal injury case, the statements of bystanders can provide insight into how an injury occurred, and who may be responsible. Personal injury cases also commonly involve input from “expert witnesses.” Expert witnesses offer an educated perspective on the causes and effects of accidents. There are different types of expert witnesses who may assist with building a case for the victims of negligence.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Accident reconstruction experts include engineers, mechanics, and manufacturers who are familiar with the operations of equipment and vehicles. When assisting with a personal injury claim, accident reconstruction experts are able to look at evidence from an accident (such as photographs and damaged items) and determine how the accident occurred. Accident reconstruction experts commonly assist with car accident claims, but can also help in cases of work accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other types of claims.

Medical Experts

Medical experts offer an informed perspective on how victims’ injuries occur and the treatment that will be required to heal from those injuries. Doctors, nurses, and medical researchers may help with a personal injury case by substantiating a plaintiff’s injury claims and providing evidence of the cause-effect relationship between the accident and their injuries. Medical experts can also testify to the necessity of completed treatment and can project any treatment an injury victim may need in the future. This can help with determining compensation for the plaintiff.

Financial Experts

Once the cause of an accident is determined and a liable party is identified, the details of compensation must be decided. Settlements and verdicts in personal injury claims are meant to compensate victims for the full cost of damages such as medical bills and lost wages, and may also provide additional compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. To arrive at an amount that is sufficient, a legal team may enlist the help of a financial expert.

Financial experts may include accountants, economists, and legal professionals. A financial expert is able to calculate the amount of damages an injury victim has already incurred, as well as project future costs and quantify non-economic damages.

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