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Why You Should Never Apologize After a Car Accident


Being kind and polite is instinctive for many people, especially after a surprising event. At any given second, there is a set of rushing or distracted strangers who walk into each other, harmlessly apologize, and laugh it off before going about their individual days. The rules of politeness don’t apply when it comes to a car collision.

The scenario is familiar: Two people collide, and in the disorienting rush of confusion, fear, and frustration, one automatically apologizes, even they weren’t at fault. This thoughtless courtesy may jeopardize their chances at obtaining compensation for their injuries and property.

Never Apologize

There are few rules that every person must follow if they are involved in a car accident. Some might be familiar, call 911, check that everyone is safe, exchange insurance information, and never apologize for the accident. Even if you are responsible for the accident, your future may depend on you keeping silent.

 Reasons why you should never apologize:

  • It can be taken as an admission of fault, particularly if it’s said in front of a police officer who is writing an accident report. Every insurance company involved in the accident will receive a copy of this report and they may use your apology as evidence of your guilt. This may prevent you from being awarded damages.
  • A car collision happens in an instant and can be an incredibly disorienting experience. You may think you’re at fault, but there is no point in rushing to accept responsibility. You likely don’t have all the facts or understand all the circumstances that led up to the accident. Your attorney and insurance company can investigate the case and make a final determination about the car collision.
  • Another important rule is to never talk to the rival insurance company. Your lawyer can negotiate with any insurance adjusters or representatives on your behalf. However, if you get caught on a call, make sure never to apologize. Insurance companies use strategies to trick plaintiffs into sabotaging their own claims. Saying “sorry” is no better than gift wrapping them a Christmas present.

Hire an Attorney to Protect Your Interests

At Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC, we understand how traumatic a car accident can be. We also know how easy it is to make a simple mistake that completely undermines your chance at being awarded damages. If you’re interested in pursuing compensation or require legal representation after a car collision, contact our Charleston car accident attorneys as soon as possible. We can investigate your case and defend your claim against any sabotaging insurance companies.

We work on a contingency fee basis. Call Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC at (843) 968-0886 to schedule a free consultation.

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