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Why is My Personal Injury Claim Taking So Long to Settle?


If you suffered an injury caused by a negligent party, waiting for a settlement from the insurance provider can take a long time – several months to even years. During that time, your medical bills may accumulate, you’re losing funds from not working, and you start to think when it all will end. Every personal injury claim is different, so the exact amount of time to takes to resolve a case varies from client to client.

The following are the various issues that can have an impact on your personal injury settlement:

  • The amount of medical treatment required for full recovery. Your lawyer may not want to settle your case until he or she has a good idea of the full extent of your injuries and damages, as well as ensure you will receive all the money necessary to cover medical expenses. If you suffered a catastrophic injury that requires extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, this can result in a delay in your settlement.
  • Complications of your claim. If there are multiple parties that may be liable for your injury, it may take longer to reach a settlement in order to determine the percentage of fault for each party. Additionally, you may experience scheduling and paperwork issues.
  • Cooperation between you and insurance providers. If the insurance company is disputing your claim, delaying payment, or attempting to make you completely at fault for the accident, then will do whatever it takes to either minimize your settlement or deny your claim altogether.
  • If your case ends up going to trial. While most personal injury cases are settled before reaching the courtroom, sometimes a trial may be necessary to obtain the most favorable settlement possible. When a trial is required, this can lengthen your case.

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