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Myths about Motorcycle Safety


While there are a few experiences that cannot match the exhilarating feeling of riding a motorcycle, it is considered one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. Due to the importance of safety, bikers have created their own methods and tricks to avoid accidents and injuries. However, there is an ample amount of misinformation that bikers often consider as truths.

The following are the most common myths about motorcycle safety:

  • Full helmets can restrict vision. Motorcyclists may choose to use an open face helmet as opposed to a full helmet under the belief that they will have a greater field of vision. However, full helmets actually have more benefits than their open-faced counterparts, such as providing complete eye protection and reducing pressure on your face.
  • Your skills can help you avoid any accidents. While veteran bikers believe their skill and experience will be enough to avoid trouble, overconfidence can have devastating consequences. Although you may trust your skills, what about the skills of other motorists on the road? When another driver makes a mistake, bikers may not have enough time to avoid disaster.
  • Streets are safer compared to freeways. Even though streets generally have lower posted speed limits in comparison to highways, it is not the only factor. Freeways often have fewer hazards than streets. On streets, motorcyclists need to be aware of unprotected turns and opposing traffic separated only by paint instead of a concrete median divider.
  • Louder motorcycles are safer. Many bikers believe that louder motorcycles can increase a biker’s presence without having to see him or her. However, many drivers still may not hear a biker approaching due to loud music or talking on the phone or with passengers.

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