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What Should I Do If My Family Member Is Killed in a Pedestrian Accident?


Earlier this month, a pedestrian was killed after an SUV struck him on Two Notch Road. According to CBS News 19, the fatal pedestrian accident happened near the intersection of Two Notch Road and Nates Road, which is just past the Interstate 20 interchange.

Reportedly, the SUV, a 2011 Nissan Armada, was heading north on Two Notch Road when it struck a pedestrian in the roadway. The pedestrian died from injuries sustained in the collision. The driver of the Nissan wasn’t injured in the wreck.

At the time of this article, the authorities were still investigating this incident.

What to Do If a Family Member Is Killed in a Pedestrian Accident

If someone you love is killed in a pedestrian accident, there are options available to you. You can hold the driver accountable for their negligence and secure the financial help your family needs in the aftermath of your loss.

To do this, you will need to contact a pedestrian accident attorney about your situation. Your attorney will be able to examine your situation, determine if you have a case, present you with your best options, and help you pursue whatever option you choose. In many cases, this means filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit on your behalf. A lawsuit can allow you to bring the negligent driver and their insurance company to justice, including recovering the compensation you need for hospital bills, loss of income, funeral costs, pain and suffering, and more.

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