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What if I'm in a Car Accident Caused by an Underage Driver?


Earlier this year, a tragic story began unfolding in North Charleston. According to WCSC, two sisters were killed in a car accident when the vehicle they were in was hit by a car being driven by a 12-year-old boy. Reportedly, the underage driver had taken his mother’s car to get food from Checkers and was heading back home prior to the deadly wreck.

According to a report recently released by the South Carolina Highway Patrol’s Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team, the boy claimed that his mother taught him to drive. While his mother didn’t dispute that, she did say that he was only supposed to drive on private property and never on public streets. The report also revealed that the boy was traveling as fast as 107 mph prior to the deadly crash.

This case is still unresolved. The family of the two victims has stated that they have not received any updates from prosecutors in the case or law enforcement since earlier this year.

What to Do if You’re in a Car Accident Caused by an Underage Driver

Don't panic if you're in a car accident caused by an underage driver. There are a few things you should know and do to protect yourself and your interests. Follow the steps below and you'll be fine:

  • If you are in an accident caused by an underage driver, the first thing you should do is call the police. Being involved in a car accident caused by an underage driver can be a traumatic experience. The best thing to do in such a situation is call the police as soon as possible; they will be able to guide you through next steps like exchanging insurance information and providing help to anyone injured in the accident. It is important that all parties complete police paperwork so that any coverage requests can be addressed correctly and quickly. Calling law enforcement ensures your safety, as well as that of any other individuals involved, protects you legally, and shields you from potential fraud. By being proactive and calling the police right away, you will have access to any support needed during this difficult time.
  • Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and any injuries you may have sustained. After any kind of car accident, it's important to assess all the damage that has been done and document it for your own records. Taking pictures of both the vehicle and any visible injuries you've sustained can help create compelling evidence should you need to make an insurance claim or pursue legal action. Having clear evidence provided by photographs can be very helpful in the process of filing a claim or proving a case in court. Furthermore, pictures provide an undeniable record of the situation, which is why they can be worth so much when it comes to providing hard proof.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you don't think you're injured. Seeking medical attention, even if you don't think you're injured, is an important step in caring for your health. In many cases, an injury may not become apparent until days or even weeks after the incident that actually caused it. Prompt medical care can be crucial in identifying such injuries and providing necessary treatment to reduce your risk of further and more lasting harm. Additionally, the results of a medical assessment and any treatments recommended should be documented to provide guidance for any potential legal proceedings stemming from the incident that may become necessary down the road. Because of these important considerations, it's always best to seek medical attention as soon as possible following any type of bodily trauma.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and find out what your legal options are. When dealing with a personal injury, it is wise to seek legal advice from a qualified lawyer. Consulting a personal injury lawyer can provide you with an understanding of what your rights are, and the next steps you should take in resolving the situation. In most cases, attorneys charge for their consultation services, but some offer it for free. Doing this will enable you to outline a strategy for moving forward and protecting your best interests. It is advisable to interact with experienced lawyers who have proficiency in dealing with such cases. This can be the difference between winning or losing your case. Contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible is essential if you are considering suing another party for damages done to you or your property.

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