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Is South Carolina Doing Anything to Make the Roads Safer for Pedestrians?


Earlier this year, Carlos Dunlap, Sr., the father of NFL star Carlos Dunlap, Jr., was killed in a pedestrian accident in North Charleston. According to WCSC Fox 5, the deadly pedestrian accident happened on Ashley Phosphate Road a little after 10 pm on a Saturday night. The driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck Dunlap remained at the scene following the crash. It is still unclear who was at fault for the tragic accident, but what is clear is that Ashley Phosphate Road remains one of the most dangerous roadways for pedestrians in South Carolina.

Is South Carolina Doing Anything to Make Ashley Phosphate Safe for Pedestrians?

An editorial in The Post and Courier made the case that South Carolina needs to find a way to make Ashley Phosphate Road safer for pedestrians. The editorial was written in the aftermath of Carlos Dunlap, Sr.’s death. According to the article in The Post and Courier, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) identified Ashley Phosphate as one of the most dangerous roads in the state for pedestrians.

In addition to Ashley Phosphate, SCDOT identified four other roads in Charleston County as being very dangerous for pedestrians. The roads are King Street, Calhoun Street, Meeting Street, and St. Philip Street. However, of the five roadways, Ashley Phosphate is considered the most dangerous for pedestrians.

Ashley Phosphate is a six-lane road that also includes a central turn lane. Audits of Ashley Phosphate as well as the other dangerous roads revealed options for making the streets safer for pedestrians. However, as is often the case, government bureaucracy has resulted in a lack of progress regarding the safety upgrades so far.

A couple of the suggested pedestrian safety changes include:

  • Removing some on-street parking spaces to improve drivers’ ability to see pedestrians and cyclists
  • Adding light-signals that allow pedestrians to safely cross at intersections

Whatever options South Carolina chooses, it is clear that changes must be made, and the sooner the better. Every day that passes without safety improvements, is another opportunity for more deadly pedestrian accidents to occur.

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