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What Can I Do to Avoid a Head-On Collision?


Late last week, there was a tragic accident involving a wrong-way driver and a tractor-trailer truck. According to WOLO, the incident happened in Orangeburg County around 1:30 am on US Highway 301. The accident involved a Ford Taurus and a tractor-trailer truck.

The truck was traveling southbound on Highway 301 near Carriage Hill Road prior to the wreck. The Taurus was heading northbound on 301 and had crossed into the southbound lane, which led to a head-on collision between the two vehicles.

The driver of the Taurus was killed in the crash. The truck driver escaped the collision without suffering injury. At the time of this report, police were still attempting to identify the driver of the Taurus and they were still investigating the incident.

Tips for Avoiding Head-On Collisions

It can be difficult to avoid head-on collisions because it’s not an issue that drivers face very often, and it is hard to predict when you’ll be put in that situation until it’s on the verge of happening. Still, there are things that drivers can do to lessen the chances that they will be involved in a head-on collision, including the following:

  • Look Ahead – Keep an eye out for what’s ahead at least a mile or so down the road whenever you can. The earlier you notice a wrong-way driver heading your way, the better the chances that you can avoid colliding with them.
  • Swerve Right – Don’t slam on the brakes because you may only have a few seconds to react. Instead, gradually slow down as you pull to the right. If possible, pull off the road onto the shoulder and out of harm’s way.
  • Stay in the Right Lane – When wrong-way drivers realize they’re in the incorrect lane, they often swerve right (their right, your left) to try to get back into the correct lane. That’s why staying in the right lane (if you’re on a road with four lanes or more) may be your best bet to avoid a head-on collision.

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