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Are Certain Dog Breeds More Likely To Bite?


Any dog can bite, but certain types of dogs may be more likely to bite and cause serious damage. Recent studies suggest that “dogs with short, wide heads who weighed between 66 and 100 pounds were the most likely to bite.” The American Hospital Association (AAHA) analyzed the data further to see if any particular breeds were involved. Here’s what they found:

“Unknown” Breeds Topped the List

Many people who experienced dog-related trauma did not know the breed of the dog that attacked them. This only makes sense, as people who have experienced dog bites are usually less worried about the dog that bit them and more worried about the consequences of their injuries.

After dog attacks, many individuals must take time off work and face serious medical bills. That’s why so many people file dog bite claims with our firm. Filing a personal injury lawsuit after a dog bite can help victims recover valuable compensation and cope with the unexpected costs of their injuries, as well as non-economic damages, like pain and suffering.

Pitbulls Came in 2nd

After unknown breeds, the results of the study were slightly clearer. Pit bulls were responsible for the 2nd-highest amount of serious dog bite injuries, accounting for 22.5% of the bites in the study. Some states have specific legislation against pit bulls for this reason, but public health experts worry that banning certain breeds is not the best way to prevent conflict between dogs and humans.

For more information about breed-specific legislation, check out the ASPCA’s “Position on Breed-Specific Legislation.”

Other Potentially Dangerous Breeds

In addition to pit bulls, mixed breeds, German shepherds, terriers, and rottweilers were responsible for more bites in the breed-ownership study examined by the AAHA. Dogs like Great Danes and Akitas were less likely to bite, but when they did, the injuries were severe.

While AAHA’s analysis of the study gives insight into which breeds have the highest potential for serious bites, it ended on a note about the circumstances of each bite.

In many cases, the victim provoked or teased the dog before they were bitten.

Our Thoughts

Dog bites always seem to come down to human behavior. If you behave safely around dogs, you are less likely to be bitten. Still, dog owners have a responsibility to keep you safe from their animals.

If you are attacked by a dog while it is off-leash or its owner is behaving carelessly, you may be entitled to compensation.

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