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Car Accident Injuries Caused by Airbags


Airbags protect car accident victims from further injury, but they can also cause injuries — even if the airbag is functioning properly. The force of a deploying airbag or a defective airbag can harm drivers and passengers when a car accident occurs.

Types of Airbag Injuries

Injuries caused by airbag deployment are especially damaging to smaller people and young children. Very young children should not sit in the front seat of a car because of this reason.

The impact of an airbag can contribute to injuries such as:

  • Burns
  • Bone fractures
  • Eye damage
  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

If an airbag doesn’t deploy, a driver or passenger could collide with the car’s windshield or dashboard and sustain severe injuries such as TBI or broken bones.

Is the Manufacturer Liable?

When the cause of a car accident injury can be attributed to the deployment of an airbag, the liability of the vehicle manufacturer is possible. However, manufacturer liability does not apply in every instance of airbag injury. To associate manufacturer liability with the injuries, it must be proven that the creator of the car failed to safely design or produce the part. A defect may include the failure to deploy, or an airbag that deploys too forcefully.

Almost every modern-made car has warning tags on the inside that explain the injuries that could be caused by airbag deployment, because there are risks associated with airbags even when they function properly. If an airbag was correctly designed and produced, the manufacturer would likely not be liable because they have warned consumers of the risks.

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