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Recognizing Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes


When families place their loved ones in nursing home facilities, they naturally expect their elderly relatives to receive compassionate care and round-the-clock medical attention. Instead, these vulnerable residents frequently face neglect and financial exploitation. In fact, it’s estimated that America’s most vulnerable citizens lose over $3 billion a year because they are victimized by clever thieves and scam artists.

Financial exploitation is one of the most common and devastating forms of nursing home abuse in the United States. In a worst-case scenario, your relative could lose their economic security and face an involuntary discharge if they’re unable to make their housing payments. The only way you can protect your beloved family member is by recognizing the signs of financial exploitation.

When you visit your loved one, look for these signs of financial abuse:

  • Your family member confides that someone is misusing or stealing their money or property
  • Checkbooks or credit cards are missing
  • Your loved one is distraught when a specific caretaker is nearby
  • There are unpaid housing or pharmacy bills
  • Document signatures look suspicious and are possibly forged
  • Your family member starts hiding belongings or needs to sell valuables
  • Your loved one lacks basic needs but has an empty bank account
  • You can only talk to your relative if a caretaker acts as a “chaperone”
  • Checks or other documents have been dated and signed when your loved one is no longer able to write
  • Credit cards have noticeable charges that weren’t made by your family member
  • Your relative has been forced to sign a will, deed, or power of attorney listing the perpetrator as a beneficiary or representative

It’s important to trust your instincts when it comes to protecting your loved ones. If you’re concerned or have proof that your family member is a victim of financial exploitation, contact the Charleston nursing home abuse lawyers at Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC. We can thoroughly investigate your case and research the nursing home facility’s history. If your lawsuit is successful, you can recover damages that protect your elderly relative’s standard of living.

Protect the Rights of Your Loved One

The attorneys at Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC have been serving the residents of South Caroline since 1999. Our experienced legal team can represent the rights of clients not just in our home state, but also in George and Florida. With our help, you can protect your loved one and other residents from being financially exploited in the future.

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