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3 Driving Tips for Traffic Jams


There are few guarantees in life. Taxes, death, and trouble come to mind. However, one other guarantee that we all encounter at some point is traffic. This is especially true if you are late for an appointment or are in a rush to get somewhere important.

Traffic jams just aren’t inconvenient, they can also be dangerous. With so many vehicles (and often impatient drivers) packed together, it can be a recipe for disaster, including rear-end wrecks and multi-vehicle pileups.

What Can I Do to Stay Safe During a Traffic Jam?

Like almost anything else we encounter on the road, there are ways to stay safe while navigating traffic jams. The following are three tips for staying safe while driving during a traffic jam:

  1. Prepare your car for stop-and-go traffic. Heavy traffic can be extremely hard on your vehicle. The brakes must be constantly applied and reapplied and your engine can get very hot. If you frequently drive in traffic jams, you should make sure your vehicle is in excellent condition. Schedule regular inspections, oil changes, and tune-ups. Also, keep an eye on your fluids, especially your oil and coolant.
  2. Don’t lose your cool. There’s nothing but downside to losing your cool while you’re driving. Staying calm behind the wheel is a key to staying safe on the road in general, but it is especially important to maintain your cool during a traffic jam. When you’re driving in a traffic jam, you’re surrounded by other vehicles and drivers. If you lose your cool, it can negatively impact your reaction time and judgment, which are both crucial for staying safe while driving. If you feel yourself becoming agitated while driving, take a deep breath, keep in mind where you are, and remember why it’s so important to keep your cool.
  3. Keep your distance. Even though traffic is moving slowly during a traffic jam, it is still important to avoid tailgating. Stop-and-go traffic is one of the worst times to follow the vehicle in front of you too closely. You may think because you’re driving slowly that you’ll have time to stop before hitting them, but that’s not always the case.

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