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Rep. Norrell Files Bills to Protect Victims of Sexual Assault


South Carolina state representative Mandy Powers Norrell has declared war on sexual assault. During the 123rd regular session of the South Carolina General Assembly, Norrell presented various bills that aim to define consent, establish a sexual assault survivor’s bill of rights, reclassify date rape drugs as Schedule II narcotics, and more. The residents of South Carolina have a powerful advocate, and she isn’t slowing down. At present, Norell’s various bills have been referred to the House judiciary committee and the House labor, commerce and industry (LCI) committee.

At Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC, we know that it’s important to stay updated on fluctuating laws and policies. For this reason, our Charleston sexual abuse victim attorneys have compiled this summary of information to help current and future victims of assault:

  • H.3154: This bill was drafted in reaction to the recent massage parlor scandal in Florida.  It establishes various regulations and inspection policies for the sole purpose of preventing human trafficking and forced prostitution.
  • H.3590: This bill prohibits law enforcement and correctional offers from claiming consent as a defense option in sexual assault cases involving inmates. Norrell hopes this bill can protect inmates who “consent” to sexual acts because they’re pressured, threatened, or manipulated by authority figures. If this bill passes, any officers who engage in sexual acts with inmates will be forced to forfeit their employment.
  • H. 3715: Per current state laws, victims of spousal sexual assault have 30 days to report the crime. This bill would revise S.C. § 16-3-600 to ensure that abusive spouses can be prosecuted regardless of when the assault occurred.   
  • H. 3829: This bill is Norrell’s great effort to define “consent” in matters related to sexual assault. This is an incredibly controversial topic, and Norrell nailed it.
  • H.3830: This bill intends to amend Chapter 3, Title 16 of the 1976 Code and establish the “Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights.” This document empowers survivors by clearly listing their legal rights in the aftermath of a sexual assault. It also creates a new crime called “Rape by Fraud.”
  • H. 3832: This bill aims to reclassify date rape drugs – including flunitrazepam and gamma hydroxybutyric acid – as Schedule II controlled substances.
  • H. 3922: If approved, this bill would upgrade how colleges and universities manage allegations of sexual assault.  These institutions wouldn’t be able to take disciplinary action against victims of sexual harassment or assault, stalking, or dating violence. It also protects survivors and witnesses from being suspended for drinking or drug use at the time of the incident.
  •  H. 3965: This bill establishes what a “prepaid entertainment contract” is, the protections and limitations it offers, and how it applies to “matching, dating or social club services.”

According to RAINN, over 320,000 Americans are raped and sexually assaulted each year. Victims include people of all genders, races and ages. If you or someone you love is the victim of sexual abuse, it’s crucial that you contact a qualified legal representative as soon as possible. By taking legal action, you can hold the attacker accountable for their actions and secure damages that facilitate your recovery process.

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