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Attorney Will Early Wins $980K Verdict for Client Injured in Sailing Accident


Attorney Will Early of Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC, has recently won a $980,909.50 verdict for a client who was injured while aboard a sailboat when the captain attempted a gybe maneuver. The captain was alleged to have acted negligently by failing to ensure all passengers were in a safe position before attempting the maneuver. As a result, Early’s client was hit by the mainsheet and sustained serious brain injuries, which will affect her for the rest of her life.

When the case was mediated in July of 2017, Allstate offered $5,000 to settle. Though it’s final offer was subsequently raised to $15,000, this was not enough and the case proceeded to trial.

In court, a variety of witnesses were heard, both on behalf of the injured victim and the captain. Boating and maritime safety consultant Ken Wahl testified that proper safety procedures require the captain to ensure passengers are secured in a safe position and aware of the gybe maneuver before it is carried out. Board-certified neurologist Dr. Marshall White (who is also the client’s physician) confirmed that his patient’s symptoms were consistent with the signs of traumatic brain injury, including difficulty sleeping, concentrating, and remembering things, as well as anxiety, mood swings, and more. Dr. White confirmed that the client’s traumatic brain injuries are permanent.

Judge David Norton oversaw the case and ultimately determined that the captain of the sailing vessel did behave negligently by not following proper safety procedures and failing to ensure the safety of his passengers. Judge Norton ruled that the client’s injuries were a direct result of the captain’s negligence and handed down his $980,909.50 verdict (which is more than 65 times greater than Allstate’s highest offer in mediation), in addition to $22,952.44 in pre-judgement interest.

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