10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

While some workplaces are significantly more hazardous than others, all workplaces do have the risk of at least some forms of injury. Knowing the most common injuries that occur at work, employees and employers can take steps to reduce the incidences of these injuries and increase the safety of their worksite. Below are the top 10 most common injuries employees sustain at work.

10. Workplace Violence

Whether it’s office politics or an angry customer, workplace violence can cause serious physical and emotional injuries. Companies should provide employee training to help employees spot the signs of a potential issue before it can progress.

9. Repetitive Motion Injuries

These workplace injuries are far less obvious, but they still can cause significant injury. Repetitive motions can occur in almost any workplace, from activities such as typing, filing, cutting food, and other repetitive motions. These injuries can lead to eye strain, muscle and tendon strain, back injuries, and joint injuries. Ergonomic equipment and employee training can help reduce these injuries.

8. Machine Entanglement

While this may bring to mind heavy machinery at factories, machine entanglement can also be a hazard at other work sites. These injuries happen when clothing, shoes, fingers, hair, or other body parts are entangled in a machine. These injuries can be very severe, depending on the machinery involved. Protective gear and other precautions can prevent these injuries.

7. Vehicle Accidents

If employees drive for work or work around vehicles, it is possible for vehicle accidents to occur. Employees should be trained in defensive driving techniques and wear brightly colored clothing and be aware of vehicles when working around them.

6. Walking-Into Injuries

The basis of much slapstick comedy, walking-into injuries can result in significant injury. When employees walk into objects, such as doors, cabinets, low-hanging beams, or other hazards, it can result in injuries ranging from bruises to fractures and even concussions.

5. Falling Object Injuries

Objects can fall from shelves, be dropped by others, or even become dislodged from trees, buildings, and other high places. If falling objects strike an employee, significant injuries can occur. Head injuries are a common result of these types of accidents/ Employee diligence, policies regarding unsecured objects, and proper personal protection gear can help reduce the chances of these injuries.

4. Reaction Injuries

These injuries can be hard to predict and prevent, since they are sustained when an employee reacts to an event, such as slipping or tripping. If an employee loses their balance but manages to avoid falling, they can still be injured from the strain of catching themselves. Employee diligence is the best way to prevent these injuries.

3. Falling From Heights

Any employee working off the ground or near trenches, pits, or stairs can suffer a fall from heights. Body trauma, head injuries, and other medical issues can be sustained in a fall. All employees who are working at heights should wear personal fall protection. It is also important to check all railings, handrails, and other fall prevention equipment for safety.

2. Slipping/Tripping

Falls from heights should be a concern, but even a simple slipping or tripping accident can badly injure an employee. It should be an important company practice to remove tripping hazards, clean up spills, and mark dangerous footing to avoid these accidents.

1. Overexertion Injuries

By far, the most common workplace injuries are overexertion injuries, related to pushing, pulling, carrying, holding, and throwing activities. This is not only the leading injury, but the most expensive. Employees should be careful when using physical labor at work and wear appropriate braces to protect their bodies.

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