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Tips to Help Motorists Avoid Bicycle Accidents


In South Carolina, many people hop on their bicycles and take advantage of the outdoors. Unfortunately, there many instances when drivers fail to keep an eye out for cyclists and end up colliding with them, resulting in serious injuries and even fatalities.

In 2015, 818 people were killed in bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles in the United States, which is more than two people every day. This represents a 6% increase in bicyclist fatalities since 2006 and a 12.2% increase from the previous year (2014).

To minimize risk and avoid hitting a cyclist while driving, follow these tips to ensure you are properly sharing the road with cyclists:

  • Drive cautiously – Whenever you encounter a cyclist, always slow down to lessen the chances of an accident. Never tailgate a cyclist and be aware that he or she may stop abruptly.
  • Pass by with care – Before switching lanes, double check your mirrors and look over your shoulder for any cyclist near you. Do not speed up to pass a cyclist.
  • Keep your eye out for children – When you see children on bicycle, you must be aware that they may not be watching for vehicles. In addition, they are not well-versed in traffic laws compared to adults.

In the end, caution is key to avoiding bicycle accidents while driving. By educating yourself and learning the rules of sharing the road with cyclists, you can help lower the number of fatalities that occur each year due to motor vehicle and bicycle collisions.

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