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Preparing for Your First Consultation


If you’ve decided to pursue legal action after an accident, your first step is to retain representation from a personal injury lawyer. Before you hire a lawyer, however, it’s likely that you’ll have an initial consultation to discuss the basic details of your case – it’s important that you come to this meeting prepared. In this blog, our Charleston personal injury attorney explains what to bring and how to best prepare for an upcoming consultation.

Come with a List of Questions

It’s likely that you have an extensive list of questions running through your mind. Before your appointment, write down anything you want answered in this meeting. How long will the process take? How does the lawyer charge for his or her services? Are there any foreseeable obstacles in your case? You should also ask the lawyer questions about his or her background – how long have they been in practice? What percentage of the firm is dedicated to personal injury? You deserve to have a full understanding of your case and lawyer before moving forward in the process.

Gather Medical Records

The treatment you’ve received in the aftermath of sustaining an injury becomes invaluable in your case. Eventually, your personal injury attorney will need to know the names and address of your medical providers and insurance company. Bringing this information to your attorney’s attention early on in the process will allow them to better estimate the timeline and cost of your case.

How has the accident affected your life?

In order to secure a successful outcome in your personal injury case, you must show that your injuries have diminished your quality of life and caused prolonged pain and suffering. When speaking to the lawyer, be sure to explain how the accident has affected your life. If your injuries require continuous long term medical care, or if you can no longer return to work, you’ll want to make that known to your attorney.

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