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Common Spring Driving Hazards


Now that spring is in full swing, we happily welcome more sunshine, longer days, and beautiful blooms. Although we no longer must deal with the snowy and icy road conditions of the winter season, springtime is still associated with its own driving dangers. 

The following are some common driving hazards during the spring season: 

  • Rain – Spring showers may bring beautiful flowers, but they also make the roads more slippery and substantially reduce visibility. To safely drive in the rain, ensure your tires and windshield wipers are in good condition, use your headlights, slow down, and keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other drivers. 

  • Potholes – During the winter, snowplows and road salt are used to get rid of the snow. However, such activity for months can create potholes. When it rains, these potholes are filled with water, making them appear to be harmless puddles. Whenever you approach large puddles on the road, always slow down. Avoid potholes and chunks of pavement if possible. 

  • Sun glare – While we all prefer to drive on a sunny day, sun glare can also result in crashes. Sun glare is the most prominent during sunrise and sunset since the sun is low on the horizon and directly in your line of sight. Keep a pair of polarized sunglasses in your car and make sure your windshield is clean. 

  • Bicycles and motorcycles – Warmer weather also brings out more cyclists and motorcyclists sharing the road with drivers. Since bicycles and motorcycles have a reduced profile in comparison to automobiles, they can be difficult to see. Drivers must always keep their eyes on the road and their surroundings, pay close attention when approaching intersections, and avoid any distractions while driving. 

  • Children – When the spring comes, children return to spending more time outdoors. While playing with friends or participating in a sports activity, many kids do not pay attention to their surroundings. If you are driving through a residential area, be mindful of children potentially entering the road without warning. 

  • Wildlife – Animals awaken after hibernating through the winter in search of food and even potential mates. Increased animal activity generally results in more animals crossing the roads, especially during dusk and dawn. Whenever you drive through a wooded area, slow down and look for wildlife crossing signs. 

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