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Can a Business be Liable for Car Accidents in Their Parking Lot?


When a collision occurs on the road, fault is generally attributed to either one driver or the other. Of course, there could have been other factors that contributed to the accident (such as weather or road conditions), but in the end, a driver will usually be responsible for the damages.

If a car accident happens on the property of a business, like in a parking lot or at a gas station, could that business be liable for the drivers’ injuries?

It’s certainly possible. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, a business may be found either fully or partially responsible for the collision, and be required to pay damages to the injury victims. In order for this to happen, the victims will have to prove that the property owner’s negligence directly contributed to the accident.

Usually, these cases involve construction issues or a parking lot layout that is difficult to navigate. For example, a poorly-placed stop sign or malfunctioning traffic light can cause drivers to swerve, stop abruptly, or do other behaviors that contribute to accidents.

If a person is appointed to manage security of the parking lot or direct traffic, that person or their supervisor could be liable for accident damages. This may be the case if a staff member fails to alert drivers of the flow of traffic in a busy holiday parking lot, causing accidents.

Additionally, these cases may require proof that the property owner was aware of the issue and failed to correct it. Did this particular issue cause a previous accident? Was the property owner warned by city officials of a potential safety issue? Was it identified as a hazard during construction of the area? Any of these possibilities could be used as proof of negligence.

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