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Pedestrian Fatalities Are on the Rise in South Carolina


Smart Growth America entered 2019 with an eye-opening report depicting the reality of pedestrian fatalities in America. According to this study, the annual number of pedestrian deaths in the United States has increased by 35.4% since 2008. But where does South Carolina fall in their charts of numbers and statistics?

The 10th Worst State

South Carolina is officially the 10th worst state when it comes to pedestrian safety. In fact, the South Carolina Highway Patrol claims that one out of every five traffic deaths this year has been a pedestrian. The reported victims are people of various ages, races, and income levels. WBTV News 13 interviewed Cpl. Sonny Collins, who explained: “There’s so many variables that play into this. It’s just really all we can do at this point is educate the pedestrians as they’re walking up and down the road and also educating drivers on the dangers of being out there.”

A majority of these accidents occur at night, so Cpl. Collins also recommends that pedestrians “wear something that makes you stand out, whether it’s reflective gear, bright colored clothing…anything that a motorist can see you and identify where you are.” He also voiced that drivers need to slow down at night and keep watch for pedestrians. After all, when a driver is going 55 mph in the dark, it’s difficult to break at the last minute.

The Issue of Infrastructure

Awareness groups, law enforcement officials, and legal representatives all have something to say when it comes to advising drivers and pedestrians. However, there is an additional component to these tragic accidents that is rarely discussed or addressed. When Smart Growth America was completing their study, they noticed that the wide roads and longer blocks prevalent in the south may be partly responsible for the increase in pedestrian fatalities. The study claims that “we continue to design streets that are dangerous for all people, not just because we keep repeating the same mistakes, but because our federal policies, standards, and funding mechanisms that have been in place for decades produce dangerous roads that prioritize high speeds for cars over safety for all people.”

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