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What to Do If Your Child is Bitten By a Dog


Many dog attacks are entirely unpredictable. People are enjoying their time with the dog of a friend or just minding their business near a stranger’s dog when they are suddenly bitten. Children, in particular, are at risk of an unexpected dog bite due to their natural curiosity and drive to pet new dogs. If your child is ever bitten by a dog, you need to know what to do immediately afterward.

If your child is bitten by a dog, you should:

  1. Remove the dog from your child, using force if necessary. Put yourself between the dog and your child. Shout for help to bring others to your aid. An attacking dog might not be intimidated by one person but will be more likely to back down if multiple people are there.
  2. Immediately call for medical attention if your child’s injuries appear severe. If the dog is still acting aggressively and is not restrained, you should call the authorities no matter your child’s condition. Police officers may need to take measures to control or put down the animal.
  3. If you do not need to immediately take your child to a medical provider, try to document the dog with videos or photographs. Eyewitness testimonies may also prove useful. You need to be able to identify the dog later and it could run off at any second. Identifying the dog may be crucial in helping you identify the owner later.
  4. If the dog’s owner is present for the attack, collect their contact information, including name and phone number.
  5. You should take your child to a trusted medical provider assuming you have not already. Even if your child seems unhurt or only suffered a minor scratch, they should still get a checkup. Your doctor may recommend a tetanus or rabies shot.
  6. When your child is safe and sound, it is time to start thinking about how to seek compensation for the harm done. Retaining a personal injury attorney can help ensure you file your claim correctly and increase your chances of recovering damages, like medical bills and pain and suffering.

At Pierce, Sloan, Kennedy & Early LLC, our Charleston dog bite attorneys are serious about protecting the rights of injured children and their families. If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, even one you thought was calm and friendly, then please let us know by calling (843) 968-0886. Using our decades of collective legal experience, we can walk you through your dog bite claim and guide you towards a successful outcome.

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