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Man Burned by E-Cigarette, Cause Unknown


Recently, a San Diego man was rushed to the closest burn unit after the electronic cigarette he was smoking exploded. At the time of the blast, the man was inside a Ramona liquor store. The power of the explosion not only injured the man, but also shattered glass in the store, according to officials. This is not the first incident of an e-cigarette exploding. In 2013, approximately 450,000 burn injuries received medical treatment in the U.S. Of those, 3,4000 had fatal results, according to theAmerican Burn Association. Statistically, most burn and explosion injuries occur in the home. Nevertheless, these also may happen because of accidents, defective products or electrocution. It is essential to contact a Charleston burn and explosion attorney should you, or someone you know, become a victim of these injuries.

Injuries Explained

Burn and explosion injuries can arise from various different circumstances. For example, a victim may suffer injury from flames, but also other elements such as intense heat, radiation, steam or chemicals may cause serious and permanent damage.

Medically, burn injuries are separated into different classifications, called degrees.

  • A first degree burn only affects the first or outer layer of skin, although it may still be very painful for the victim;

  • Second degree burns affect both the first and second layer of the skin, which often blisters and feels moist.

  • Third degree burns affect all layers of the skin, which on the surface becomes leathery and turns black or white causing permanent scars, and may damage underlying tissue.

Explosion and burn injury recovery is different for each victim, as some may recover quickly while others endure life-long impairments. Injuries may include: damage to nerves, tissue or muscles; loss of mobility; amputation; permanent scarring; and bacterial infection. Victims who experience explosion and burn injuries may have non-physical harms compounded on physical damages. These may include emotional distress, mental impairments, and even nightmares or flashbacks of the accident.

Common Causes

There are numerous ways in which a burn and explosion injury may occur. For example, building code violations, defective products, explosions as a result of car or construction accidents, or improper mixing of hazardous materials can all cause injuries. According to theAmerican Burn Association, the most common causes of explosion and burn injuries include:

  • Fire or flame – 46% of injuries are caused by contact with them

  • Scalding – 32% of injuries are from hot liquids spilled or steam

  • Thermal – 8% of injuries occur by contact with hot objects

  • Electrical – 4% of injuries result in accidental contact with electrical currents

  • Chemical – 3% of injuries are the result of contact with chemicals

  • Miscellaneous – 7% of injuries are caused by various factors such as fireworks, smoke inhalation, sunburns, etc.

Contact a Burn and Explosion Injury Attorney

A victim of a burn and/or explosion injury will suffer both physical and emotional pain. Moreover, expensive medical bills, loss of income (past and future), and rehabilitation costs will follow shortly thereafter. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a burn or explosion injury due to the negligence of another, contact aCharleston burn and explosion injury attorney today learn about your rights under the law and whether compensation for injuries suffered are available.

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